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Castle Hill

Castle Hill, a newer venue in Charlottesville, is just breathtaking!  The views are classic central Virginia visions with rolling hills, lovely historic trees and an expansive pond. The Barn captures the essence of the area with agricultural and equestrian interest.

I caught up with events coordinator Evelyn Keyes to ask her more about weddings at Castle Hill

What spaces do you have for a wedding ceremony or reception?

We have many spaces for wedding ceremonies, starting with the Tasting Room Lawn, which is on the Blue Ridge Mountain side of the barn. Secondly, we have the Linden Tree Grove, which is stunningly breathtaking.

We also have the Front Lawn, which is surrounded by boxwoods and magnolia trees.

The Back Lawn boasts two rows of gorgeous cherry trees and the landscape of water and trees beyond that.  All of the areas mentioned may be used for receptions as well.

We can fit as many as 500 seated using both levels inside the barn!

Do you have any in-house “rental” items?  

We are working on purchasing “in-house” rentals such as tables and chairs and hope to have them for 2012.

In the meantime, we are probably the only venue in the state of Virginia that can offer a 500 seated dinner and wedding reception along with the outdoor ceremony on the same property.  More importantly, we have the ability to move the wedding ceremony inside in case of a rain date!  That in itself is priceless!

Tell me about your cider. How do you recommend serving and incorporating it in weddings at Castle Hill?

We recommend that our wedding couples purchase at least two cases for the wedding guests.  We love our guests to use the cider as either a wedding toast and or simply serve to guests during the wedding!!!

We have 4 kinds of cider and they are Levity, Cerrestial, Terrestial and Gravity!  The first three are sparkling and the last one is a still cider.  All of them make lovely compliments to a full bar during a pre-reception or wedding reception!

Do you have any preferred vendors that you work with on site?  

We welcome all vendors and do have a preferred list on our website.  We like our wedding couples to be able to choose who they would prefer to hire for their event!