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Blue Ridge Mountains Wedding

Heather Hadley & Christopher Merchant were married in Browntown, Virginia and their wedding was filled to the brim with fabulous personal details – Oh boy, I am loving all of the bride’s inspiration!  Those sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains don’t hurt either!

Thank you to Eli Weddings for sharing the beautiful day with us!

Happy Tuesday!

From the bride:

We grew up in a small town, and met in high school Spanish class. I knew from the moment I met him that I wanted to grow old with him, and he knew I was one of the most unique people he’d ever meet. We share a very close knit group of friends and family, and we spent our summers growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It wasn’t two weeks after college graduation that we decided to embrace the mutual feelings we had shared for a long time. We have been an inseparable pair ever since.

We wanted our wedding to be heartfelt and authentic. We also wanted to create a memorable moment that would not only celebrate our unique bond, but also that of which we share with our family and friends.  When choosing a venue it was a no-brainer that we would host in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the beautiful and visually-inspiring Izaak Walton League in Browntown, VA.

To pay respects to the timelessness of the valley, we choose a romantic and vintage color palette of antique pink, wisteria purple, champagne, gold, and ivory. We wanted each of our bridesmaids to show their individualism and each selected their own dress and design. The only thing we asked was that it be in their assigned color and that it had a different cut and fabric than the others. I (The Bride) paired my vintage inspired layered gown with sparkly-white Chuck-Taylor converse shoes for a funky touch.  Our flower-girl wore a white dress matching mine and had green fairy-wings.  It was a risk, but we think the end results turned out fabulously. We also had seven groomsman and two ushers, who brought consistency to the design with their Tan Suits Paired with Antique Pink Vests & Old-Fashioned Bow Ties. The bridesmaids held hand-tied bouquets of Roses, Queen Anne’s lace, and harvest mums and each was given a hand-crafted silver necklace representing the tree of life.

More from Heather:

Most of the elements of the wedding were created and assembled with love by our extraordinary friends and family. My veil was crafted by three-generations of Merchant women. Every bead was hand sewn by Chris’s grandmother, aunts, mother, and sister (all of which live in different parts of the U.S.) Broaches that belonged to my grandmother and great-grand mother were used to adorn the bride’s and maid-of-honors bouquets. As big Tolkien fans we used a quote from Lord of the Rings to describe our feelings for the wedding venue in our programs, “They never forgot the way they slipped into the dusk down the steps of the zigzag path into the secret valley. The air grew warmer as they got lower, and the smell of pine trees made them drowsy. Their spirits rose as they went down & down, the trees changed from beech to oak, and there was a comfortable feeling in the twilight. They looked up at the stars. They were burning bright and blue.”

The fabulous vendor team:

Photography: Eli Weddings

Hair and Make Up: Mane Attraction

Catering and Cake: Simply Sweet Cakes & Catering

DJ: Bob Lytton DJ